Sunday, April 17, 2011


i just feel like want to speaking 4 something today.. really sorry if im using a broken english. maafmaafmaaf.
first n foremost.
she was just like u mia.. her style.. the way she talk.. everything.. she likes tennis n u? badminton... but both of u, different person, being my friend in different place, different situation.. she joined rowing, thats the way we know each other.. she was in degree program.. she was kind, a shy shy girl with anonymous or kaum adam..
just bole close with few people she feels comfortable.. she was a specky person actually. seems she was wearing lens for this events.(just like me!)haha. ok thats all 4 u. even this entry was short but... really2 make my eyes going to u when i look into her eyes.. when i look the way she spokes to me.. really missed our precious memorable time at stesry...(^_^).

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