i dont know y do i love to smell fragrance these days.
well my life seems to be good here (okay i lied)
in skudai.
i do resign on the spot 
because of this degree courses.
geomatic engineering.
once i m dreaming to be in this course
is when i do a little work involving levelling work
in form 4 or form 5.
kind of.
i dont even remember those clearly.
hell yeah its a SMT.
but now
i just feel 
i m not into this.
i m interested in it.
but i dont know wether its suits me well
or nayy.
before all these
i think that i should further studies
because of the increased living cost nowadays.
but i cant find the excitement.
in studying.
i m down.
for me
i dont feel like studying harddddd in here.